Simple full spectrum general sequence.


Here is a simple Yoga sequence to do on your own with all poses written in English rather than sanskrit.

This full spectrum general sequence will take your spine, all your joints and muscles through their full range of motion, opening as well as strengthening. Be sure not to skip the Savasana!

Hold each pose for around 5 breaths. For asymmetrical poses, do your R side first then L side. Do the Sun Sals (Surya Namaskar) at your own pace, follow your breath and make the first round nice and slow. DFD is Downward Facing Dog.


Sit tall on a block kneeling for a minute or 2. Let your mind settle and breath smooth.

Child, DFD, Side child, DFD, standing forward fold (Uttanasana)

Mountain pose Cresent Moon (Mountain pose, arms over head, lean to one side then the other)

3 Sun salutation A

Chair pose

Locust Cactus arms

Cobra Locust Arms straight ahead, by sides of ears DFD

Knee to wall fun! (Thigh stretch) Low lunge (Back knee down) crescent moon arms. See photo above.

High lunge Cactus arms.

High lunge hand down twist towards front knee.

Chair pose with cactus arms.

Lying down mountain pose to: SPGs (use strap) Lying down leg stretch, R leg first: 1) leg vertical 2) raise head and shoulders off floor 3) out to side 4) across body in a twist.

Chair pose. Classic form Right side then left side. Start facing the long edge of mat, wide stance for the last 3.



Warrior 2.


Side angle Forearm on thigh.

Long stance DFD. Long stance Plank

Side plank modified with foot half way up mat, knee bent to 90 degrees. Turn to right side first, LH down. Put forearm down if you have a wrist injury.

Repeat side plank. As above LH down first then RH, one foot stacked on the other or repeat modified version above.

Wall clock. In mountain next to wall, hand to wall, turn to open chest

Eye of the needle.

Half happy baby both sides.

Tibetan weaponry.

Bridge twice.

3 minutes meditation following the breath

Savasana For at least 5 minutes- set a timer first.

*Don’t get distracted by emails etc on your phone when you set the timer for meditation or Savasana!