Useful Links

Here are some links to other sites. Not all related to Yoga but all helpful and informative.

A very informative site running in conjunction with the monthly magazine.
A charity supporting women in India to start businesses.
New Zealand based Donna Farhi is a mature and eloquent hatha yoga teacher and writer on yoga.
Sarah Powers works particularly with Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Buddhism and psychology and their relationship with yoga.
A fountain of information on Yin yoga.
Owned and run by Toby, a fab web site builder!
Adena is wonderful woman and psychotherapist in Granada, Spain.
A wonderful group of independent midwives based in and around Granada assisting women with natural home births.
A fun Vinyasa yoga studio in New York
A friendly and professionally run studio in Camden Lock, London.
Another special London based yoga teacher.
Yoga Directory.
Yoga equipment.
Noah Maze, yoga teacher and teacher trainer.
Christina Sell another wonderful teacher and teacher trainer.
Another great US based yoga teacher.
A useful site of listings of yoga events in Asia
Beautiful hand made greetings cards made in Thailand out of eco friendly mulberry plants.
A directory for Yoga

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